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Frequently Asked Questions

We try our best to keep you as informed before and during your moving experience. If we have not covered one of your questions found below, feel free to contact us.


Definitely not, we can have a price and discussion if you need by the same day of your enquiry if it is before 5:00pm.
Transit times vary from state to state however we generally average a turnaround time of  7 days.
The only thing we ask is that you put a padlock on your container to make sure that it is safe throughout its journey. Also if you do not the rail will put there own lock on which is very hard to get off especially when all of your tools are in the container.
We do not supply ropes or blankets as I cannot guarantee the hygiene of them . It is far easier and cheaper to purchase your own from a second hand shop e.g. Salvation Army, as they will be cheap , clean and ready to go.
You’ll need to buy a few things to help your move, including some old linen to protect your furniture, ropes to secure items and a lock to keep your possessions secure. We can help advise you on all of this, if you are unsure.
You don’t have to find your new home online. Waratah Interstate Container Removals allows you to pack the contents of your old home into a shipping container, have it transported to your new state and keep it in storage, for as long as you need to finalise the purchasing or leasing of your new property.
Unable to have your shipping container sent direct to your new home? No worries, we can secure it in one of our trusted storage facilities. We’ll simply transport your container from the railway depot to one of these secure environments, where guards, CCTV and security fences ensure the protection of your property.
No. Because we understand that container storage is an almost inevitable part of most interstate moves, we ensure that you can keep your property in storage, for as long as needed at the best possible price.
Container purchase or extended hire is possible but you’ll need to speak to us about how you plan to use it. The price of your container will vary depending on the quality. Talk to us today and we’ll make sure you get the right container, for you and your needs.